Saturday, October 21, 2006

What makes me happy in Japan

Allright, allright...

thanks to Carlos, I'll give a little update on my blog.
He's a friend from my Capoeira group, who has just recently backpacked around Europe - and created a great blog!

So, the most fun I am having here in the country, where parties are supposed to end at midnight, is with my Capoeira group. I actually just started Capoeira here in Chiba (well, yeah, go to Japan to learn a Brazilian "martial art" ;) ), but I enjoy the combination of singing and dancing martial art so much, that this is the place to go, whenever I don't feel good (and any other time, of course).

Of course, Capoeira would way not be so much fun, if there weren't Hanna-san, Ai-san, Dai-san, Take-san, Carlos, Ume-san, Mike, Sato-san, ... and everybody else ( I'm sorry guys, I'm just soooo bad at remembering japanese names :( ). Thank You so much for letting me be part of your group! I will miss You so much :(

This is in a batizado in Yoyogi-Koen in Tokyo where we went in September.
While a few people are playing instruments, most are standing in a circle (roda) and singing, and 2 are playing each other within the circle. The roda is very dynamic, so the 2 people in the circle change very often.
Here, Ai-san is playing with Pablo from another group.

Another very important part of my non-university life are the people in the dorm. The first day I already met some Latinos from my building, and these are the guys I still spend most of the time with. Javier, José, Francisco, Jon, Olivia - thanks for being great friends!

This is Claudia (the only other German girl), Francisco from Cuba, Anthony from the US, me and Javier from Argentina visiting the Asakusa shrine in Tokyo.

This is Peter, me and Aki from the Japanese class I took. With Peter from Slovakia/Austria/Britain, I spend as many lunch breaks with as I can. My group usually does not go together for lunch, so I could enjoy many discussions and coffees and pasta at "Konnichi wa" with him. You brighten up my mental stiffness!


At 7:59 p.m., Blogger Juank said...

Thanks Haike! I am happy you have updated your blog!
I will miss you a lot as well! But you still have some time here, so just enjoy it as much as you can!
And remember you are always welcome in Colombia (or here in Japan as well!)
I really enjoyed talking to you the last time! hope we have time to chat more before you go!


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